Does this BUSINESS Flyer look Professional in your Opinion?

Does this BUSINESS Flyer look Professional in your Opinion?
Does this BUSINESS Flyer look Professional in your Opinion?

Ignore the quailty as this isn't the high quailty image.



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  • No. The upper part and the below part of the flyer seem to be from different theme, which is not good. Reading the small white font under the laptop picture is a pain too as it has the same white color with the background. Too many types of fonts in one flyer as well.

    Define your theme and stick to it through the whole flyer, use the green or the red or the white color, not mixing all 3 of them. Use max. 3 types of fonts and adjust the sizes. I understand that the price is an important info in your flyer, but I think you might want your brand to stand out more instead of the price you offer because in this flyer, I think the price strikes more than your brand.


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  • It looks appealing but the parts that let it down are:

    ~ inconsistent
    ~ too much going on
    ~ unfocused

    Think about all major logos and advertisements. The consumers first perception will be to glance and they don't want something difficult to read. They need contrasted backgrounds with visible text and a simpler design.

    Less is more

    Try to make it less crammed and include only essential details.

    Choose to label website design ONCE. I felt a bit discombobulated by how many times i read and seen "design" or Web design when i recognised it all over.

    Centering the text on the left red box would help and reducing font size a notch


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  • I think it looks nice, but I don't understand the purpose of the girl and the computer screen and it looks like she was about to stab something and your photoshopped the knife out of her hand, that thumbs up is kind of not right, it caught my eye immediately and i'd try to change the bottom two panels into one with a more consistent color theme, it looks a bit busy down there

    you've got nice dof on the guys hand and background, I like that

  • No. The design is not consistent and changes multiple times as you go down the flyer. The images are squashed as is your logo! The blurb immediately under the image of the laptop is almost impossible to read since it's white text on a light coloured background.

    Pick a consistent theme and style and stick to it. Get rid of either the green or the red and change it to match. Pick a font, in two or three sizes, and stick to it throughout.

    Finally, and this isn't flyer related: you offer website design, but don't have a website of your own? What kind of message does that send to potential clients?

  • No ------------