What would the doctor tell me to do?

So 2 weeks ago I punched a wall (I've asked questions about this before but haven't gotten a very good answer on what I should do) and my ring finger and pinky finger knuckles are now really sore. It's pretty hard to move my pinky but I got an X-Ray and there isn't a fracture or anything. What should I do and when I go to the doctor again, what do you think he'd tell me to do? Would he give me a splint? Cause it's really painful :( The weird thing is that it's been 2 weeks and it still hurts heaps? Thanks!

  • Will give me a splint
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  • Buddy tape the fingers
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  • Won't tell me to do much... just take painkillers
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  • No idea. You probably bruised the bone, which takes forever to heal. Just go to the doctor and find out for yourself.