Buying a car for the first time?

I buy a car for like $25000+, is there still monthly payments, or was it payed in full? Also, what is leasing?


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  • You will be charged tax and a dealer fee on top of that. Leasing is paying a small percentage of that 25 grand over a longer period with interest and fees. Maybe a couple hundred a month you would pay.


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  • Well, depends. If you are buying a Ferrari then that will just be a downpayment and more payments will be needed because a Ferrari costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are buying a car that costs $25,000 then paying the dealer $25,000 will mean you don't need to pay any more.

    Go to a dealer and talk to them or buy a second hand car outright and fuck the dealership right off.


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  • I haven't bought one, but I would never buy in installments -- heard that's a waste of money. Anyway, vehicles are not good as a financial investment. Make them more like a tool for transport. Or, may be something for your happiness or enjoyment.


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