Why is he doing this , is it rude?

I have this friend with benefits I been sleeping with for 9 months now but he keeps saying things like what would I do if I see him with other girls would I cry would I say something , I said I wouldn't really be bothered. He also said do I love him. I said no which I dont. He then keeps texting on his phone right near me right in my face. Then il talk to him and he will say in minute an continue to do right in my face and turn it slightly so I can't see. He then turned around and said I'm being accused of something. He told me he don't have a girlfriend so didn't think was that but I feel he's doing this for a reaction because it's getting worse and worse. Is this done on purpose and how do I go about this because I see as no manners. Is this done on purpose or not


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  • I definitely think he is doing it on purpose. It seems like he is trying to get a reaction out of you. Possibly to see if you like him more than you claim.

  • I think he's doing it on purpose. Maybe he like you...