GAG'ers, are there people on here for whom the date September 11 has a totally different meaning than what happened in 2001?

What I mean is: we will of course all remember it as the day the world knew the worst terrorist attacks in recent history.
But for example a collegue of mine has her birthday on September 11.
And without a doubt there will be more... perhaps for some it's their wedding anniversary, or the first day of work at their new job.
Just curious :D


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  • Yeah... it's my mom's birthday today so for me it's a happy positive day. I love my mom to bits <3

    • Oh, that's a lot nicer than "the 9-11" most of us know! Hope you had some quality time yesterday?
      You'll understand what I mean: "Goed feestje gehad?" (did you have a nice party?)...

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    • Oh dear my spelling...

      admit should be habit :D

    • You fixed it thanks (dankjewel) :D

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  • The worst terrorist attacks? 2,977 people died, indeed.
    If you consider a government attacking civilians, Hiroshima suffered more , so did Nagasaki
    20,000+ soldiers killed
    70,000–146,000 civilians killed
    39,000–80,000 killed

    Total: 129,000–246,000+ killed

    • Unfortunately, true.
      With one difference we need to mention: those nuclear attacks were probably the only option people saw to finish the war in the Pacific without a ground invasion.
      But a cruel choice they were, no one can deny that.

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    • Looking at maps can learn people a lot more than listening to a political speech.

    • Thanks for adding that Jacques - if I need opinion on geopolitical situations I'll ask you about them!


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  • Well yesterday I missed a Shawn Desman concert that my school was hosting at its main campus for free!!! I did not have money for the subway to get there, and did not have money for drinks and food if I got thirsty or hungry during the concert. I really regret that. I LOVE shawn Desman's music.

  • I feel for people who have their birthday today tbh. It's overshadowed by a terrible, depressing memory, though there's been barely anything about it this year on the TV.
    It has no other meaning for me though.

    • Yeah it's always difficult when my collegue celebrates her birthday on that day... the sheer fact of having a party on "9-11" is so weird :-(

  • September 11 is a day that weird things happen either on or close to. That date is creepy to me and it's also known to have more distasteful occurrences. If it weren't for 10-31(my mom's bday) then I'd believe September 11 to be the true dia de los muertos.

    • I'm afraid so Mikky... people celebrating other things that day must certainly be feeling a little weird :o
      The best thing we can do is commemorate that day with a feeling of respect for those who lost their lifes, their relatives or were deeply involved in the recovery :-)

  • My cousin's wedding anniversary..

    • I knew 9-11 would mean different things than trouble for many :-)
      I was a little afraid this question would trigger only few answers but things are starting to come in now :D

    • I was only 3 when 911 happened, and 8 when the wedding took place. I remember that there were people that actually criticized them for having their wedding on a date like this. Thinking back, I would've just answered fuck you they can do what they want, but I was only a kid back then ahah 😂

    • Well, I can imagine that if you want to reserve a church or a hall for the wedding party, this day may have a good chance to be available... most people would not want to have a party on 9-11 :o

  • For me it will always remind me of that day. I've already cried today just thinking about it.

    • Yeah that's not hard to understand. I was at work and remember the collegue who told me what had happened... we just couldn't believe this news message was accurate. We though we had misinterpreted it or so :o
      Imagine someone tell you "planes have crashed into those towers and they have now collapsed"... knowing the number of employees in there is probably 20,000+... you just can't believe what you heard :-(

  • my sister was due with my niece that day, she was born the next day.

  • my sister was born on September 8th, 1989

  • My cousin's birthday.

    • And how does she feel about having a party on September 11? Does it bother her or does it feel like "any other day"?

    • I'm assuming it's like "any other day" for her, because she seems to be optimistic.
      I don't know, I never really asked her, lol.

  • It's the day in between my brother and my sister's birthday. They're 6 years apart.


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