Mistakes as a cashier?

I am a cashier and I screwed up at work today and misery enjoys company, so please share your mistakes at work (especially if you are or were a cashier).


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  • I've given people more change then i should countless times


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  • This wasn't my mistake, but I was there when it happened. I used to work at a skating rink as the DJ. Every once in a while the manager would join me in the booth and we'd talk about random things. He also has a tendency to forget to turn the mic off when he's done using it. There was a song playing, and he told me that it was the song he lost his virginity to. Since he left the mic on, everybody in the building could hear him say that. He didn't realize what had happened until one of the skate guards looked up at him with a confused look on his face. I've never seen anybody more embarrassed than he was in that moment. This happened like 9 years ago, and we still think it's hilarious.

  • I think if a person did that in my business he would have to pay it on spot with his salary.
    Though shortage of money is taken from the manager and the employee on the shift at the time.
    You should better be careful your co-workers might be conspiring against you to get you out of their domain.


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