Women , what do you think of a guy that has no women in his life?

He's not gay, he has a decent personality, makes average money, takes care of himself, good hyigene, isn't awkward,
he's not choosing to be single either.


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  • What smart girls will think if reading what you wrote and considering dating you:
    Decent personality - do you have a short temper? are you prone outbursts? would you curse at me or demean me when we're in private?
    Average money - how much? what company do you work for and what is your title? do you have a college degree? what car do you drive?
    Takes good care of himself - how much do you drink? do you exercise? what health problems do you have, if any?
    And then the girl will decide if you fit what she is looking for.

    • No short temper , not fat at all , drinks but always knows how to say when, average money, enough to get by on and save some too, went to a tech school. Why would my car matter? do women care that much about that?

    • We care that your car is reliable and well-maintained, that's all. If the bumper is missing, has mold or rust, 50% chance of starting, etc, then that's a turn-off. I wouldn't personally date you bc I don't drink, but you're a fine candidate otherwise.

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  • I really wouldn't think anything of it. Is there a reason you don't have any woman in your life? If I was into him I would think it was opportunistic.

  • Lol I d date him

  • i think its fine.


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  • Lots of men and women in that situation when it is all boiled down they haven't met right person for him/her yet.

  • I would feel bad for you but you aren't trying to find a girl.

    • Not choosing to be single doesn't mean that a guy isn't trying.

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    • Not always.

    • Yes always. If you can put more effort into it then you will meet someone you share interests with.