The spider I thought I killed came back, and this time had babies, what can I do here?

Alrighty, I'm being serious here.

Long story short I found a spider in my room sometime ago, It disapeared on me but I noticed small baby spiders literally everywhere up the wall, next night I got a hoover in and cleaned up what I thought was all of it, that was around a month or two ago.

Just now I was on my computer just browsing reddit, something caught my eye, and saw about one or two baby spiders, I looked around and so far just killed 5, but this has me worried.. When I cleared that corner of the room before I didn't check this one spot under my heavy cubbord, I killed a reasonably big spider and thought that was it, but now the problem has come back.

Ideas? And yes I'm from the UK.


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  • I had a similar post a bit ago and apparently you can 1) burn your house down
    2) throw your girlfriend at it
    3) run away screaming
    4) catch it in a jar

    My advice by a spray and until then be camped out with a shoe and be ready to charge!! If you don't find it tonight put a towel in front of the door and sleep in a different room so it won't crawl on your ear!!


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  • Offer a sacrifice to Cthulhu and hope that he kills them.


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  • Burn the entire house down. Nah, is there not like bug bombs you can set off in your place to get rid of the little critters?

  • set up a spider trap


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