How do you celebrate your friend's birthday for them?

My friend's birthday is coming soon but I ran out of ideas to help her celebrate..


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  • go on a picnic, prepare a food for you and your friends. enjoy in nature. that's what i want to do on my birthday. you can do it too if you want.


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  • My friends and I once threw a surprise party for one of our close friends once. We asked her boyfriend to take her out for the day and send her back in the evening, while we spend the day decorating the house with balloons and pictures hanging.

    Thankfully her boyfriend was good enough to 'act' with the rest of us and drop her back at one of the friend's house in the evening. Her facial expressions when she stepped into the house door was priceless!


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  • Once I threw suprisr party.
    The science teacher used to let us stay in his classroom during lunch periods. So it was easy to organize.
    I got the foods there in the morning as I was the attendance folder (?) girl.