Why would someone never initiate a conversation?

Let's say you are ALWAYS the one to initiate and the other person tends to avoid you unless you continue to be the one to initiate. Why would they never initiate? Is this something acceptable of getting offended by?


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  • One they have nothing to say, two they're shy, three they're just the quiet type. I think the test in a relationship is if you can be comfortable with each other if you don't talk

    • Not even just a simple "hi"? I would agree with the shy and quiet type but in my case this person is only like this around me so there has to be something wrong with me in this case.

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    • What exactly would make a guy nervous around a girl? Just wondering

    • He might have a crush on her and doesn't want to look stupid or he just doesn't like her

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  • I actually have this happen a lot to me in general, and yeah, its a little insulting, but most of the time I don't think they're aware that it's bothering you. Usually the case is that their anti social, or shy and don't know how to approach you until you approach them. Or they just don't want to talk to you. Which is fine, their loss anyways, right?

    • It just makes me wonder why I am the only one this guy does this to. I just feel like if I always initiate I come off as annoying and if someone wanted to talk to me they would go ahead and do it.

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    • Almost a year. I mean it's not that he doesn't talk it's just I always have to start.

    • Wow. That long? In that case he's probably just used to you starting the conversation. If he doesn't feel like he has to, why should he? You know what I mean?