You know you're making a bad decision: accept it or fight it?

It's most likely a maybe semi-long term decision.

You know the decision is inherently bad but it makes you happy to make that decision and the immediate results are pleasant and worth it, but in the back of your mind you know it has the very real potential to make you feel miserable in the end.

So do you go through with your choice, or do you fight against it even though you know it'll bring you happiness and that the misery is only a possibility?


It's not morally bad, it doesn't harm anyone except for yourself. There are no negative effects other than your own potential misery.

Forgot to add that.


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  • Definitely fight against it. I have consciouly made the decision, so it's my responsibility to fight it out until there is ZERO chances to make it work.


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  • I'd personally try fighting it. I know that if misery is a possibility then sooner or later it's going to become reality. I try not to settle for temporary happiness anymore. Now that said, I'm usually not very successful in fighting it. Or I'm usually not happy with fighting it, but I tell myself that in the long run I will be.

    • Yeah. Sometimes you get tired of fighting and accept it... and then end up picking back up fighting it again. Or you just wave the white flag and accept it. ;/

    • Yeah. It's definitely a lot of gray area and going back and forth.


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What Guys Said 5

  • The question seems to be short term gain, maybe long term pain? - Analyse the situation does the short term gain and possible long term gain outweigh the possibility of long term pain.
    I was interested in the sentence " There are no negative effects other than your own potential misery" - I have thought like that in the past sometimes but you seem like a lovely young girl close to your family and friends, they will be upset if they see you sad.
    Getting back to your question I would analyse the decision then choose the best/least worst option that affects you, your family and friends.
    I hope everything works out for you and your decision, best wishes.

  • See...
    tbh we humans are greedy af
    We think about ourselves till we truly fall in love with someone...
    We know what's good and bad but we should choose the one we'll never regret for...
    Cause someone told me never regret on anything you do 😶?
    by the way you're cute 😊

  • Hmm so this comes down to immediate happiness versus long term happiness? This is a difficult question actually.. On one hand I think people should live it up while they can and explore all they can but on the other hand I think that we should be mindful of the future.. Life is short to have any regrets but at the same time life living life without regrets can lead to some regrets. It's like a double edged sword.

    Even so I'd probably fight it and think long term even though there's no guarantee any of us will live to see any of our dreams come to pass.

  • Is it time for that now? I'm still against it..

  • I haven't actually come across a situation like that yet.


What Girls Said 2

  • I accept it. I know, that's bad, but I always do the stupid thing. :/ C'est la vie.

  • I do it anyway, even though I know I'll be hurt later on and suffer the consequences. I live in the moment.

    I recently had a dilemma like this and I regret nothing.

    • I often do that as well, but my experiences have been pretty 50/50 on the happiness - misery scale with end results.

    • To be honest, I'm pretty miserable right now because of that decision and have been for a month but it was worth it. But you shouldn't take my advice, I'm not a stable person lol

      Is it about a guy?