Why am I so emotional?

Is something wrong with me? I seem to be overly sensative and I've been like that ever since I was young. I Want to be less sensative, but I can't control my emotions. Is it because I'm an art student? I hear that artists tend to take think in far deeply, thus making them more emotional, and all the friends I've made are all emotional.


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  • You say you want to be less sensitive. What can be changed is how you react and allow your emotions to affect you. It's also good to remember that we always create our own emotions within our selves. It's not like it's some external force attacking us.

    Once you take a step back and start "seeing" your emotions you can also follow where they arise and how they flow. This is also where you take back be ability to "act" on emotion rather than "react". The first is conscious, the second is not.

    Being in control and in understanding of your emotions doesn't make you cold or numb. It simply allows you choices. Just like you don't always have to cry when sad or scream when angry.


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  • its just who you are, nothing wrong with that.