What are haunted houses like?

My friend asked if I'd go on a double date to a haunted house. I don't really want to because I'm VERY easily terrified. I never ever watch scary movies for this reason.

But I don't really know what haunted houses are even like. Can you tell me what to expect if I go? How scary is it?

I mean fake haunted houses lol, with actors and everything


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  • A lot of flashing lights loud noises and people jumping out and grabbing you and yelling in your ear.


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  • If you go to one designed for families, you should be fine, cos they tend to be pretty low down on the scary scale, whilst still giving you the odd fright

    But any other kind of one... well, depends how brave you're feeling, but they're not for me :)

    • I don't think they're for me either haha, but my friend really wants me to go so maybe I'll try :/

    • Good luck!


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  • I never been in one but I heard there are rules like when you enter a haunted house, take the clothes off before you leave so that ghost essence isn't stuck on you when you go home.

    I'd be fucking scared as fuck if I were alone in one just because 😂😂 but I would definitely party in one with a bunch of people and alcohol and loud music :P :D

  • They are very scary and when your face to face with someone that jumps out at you. You better brace yourself, they get right in your face those haunted house Ghost

  • Just like any other house because ghosts aren't real.

    • I'm referring to fake haunted houses here, with actors and everything

    • Probably quite good fun, I went to a haunted dungeon once and it wasn't bad.

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