Wtf is wrong with me?

First off I have a sweater that has his scent on it, and secondly somehow I left it on my pillow for a few days and now my pillow smells like him, and without the pillow I can't sleep like at all. Secondly I can't sleep in my room anymore, I feel lonely and I don't like it. So I have to sleep on the couch in the living room? How can I get to be able to sleep in my room again, because my mom don't want me sleeping in the living room anymore.


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  • Ok for a good opinion... first you have to tell who is " him " here and where is he 😶?

    • and what happens between you two please? :D

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    • Haha thanks.

    • My pleasure cutie 😊

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  • Wash the pillow case and get a new pillow, wash the sweater too Unless it goes further than that babe... If you had sex in your room than it might be very difficult for you ever sleep in there again.

    • No. I'm just like insomniac we didn't have sex...

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