What is something powerful you learned as a child and how has it impacted you beyond your childhood?

Energy. I’ve had a fascination with energy since I was a young child and it has impacted me in brilliant, positive, wondrous ways throughout my adult life. Energy is not just something you exert physically. I learned about the power of energy nearly 15 years ago when I first began dancing. Energy among a group of dancers is like a collection of ripple effects that spreads from dancer to dancer extending all the way out to the audience members. Dancing taught me how to embrace my own unique energy as an individual in addition to crafting custom-made energy for others.

Assembling custom-made energy for others is a major key that started during rehearsal for performances in order to deliver a good show but over time, it grew to be one of my most influential habits. It made a part of my mind one large file cabinet where I silently collect information on those in my life. I listen to them intently and take note of their vocal tone/the look in their eyes/facial expression during certain situations. I mentally jot down their strengths, weaknesses, behavioral patterns, most frequently discussed topics/issues, the things that rile them up, what makes them uncomfrotable as an individual, the things that uniquely reduce and increase their confidence, and I never interrupt when someone is sharing or revealing a part of themselves. I make vivid memories of all these things then utilize them to pinpoint precisely what type of potency is missing from their lives or a particular situation. Then I adjust my energy to affect their mental activity. It also sparked a habit of I learned that when it comes to energy, interesting things occur if you sometimes humbly feel delightfully small or even just appear as delightfully small in order to make others feel delightfully big and grand. This is a strategy I take with me everywhere in my adult life. I can’t believe the many doors have opened throughout my life and impacted me wonderfully because of this childhood lesson. How about you?


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  • Humanity... They way racism, greed, and religion and other things in the world that create seperation. I grew up as a military brat and was always moving to different parts around the world so I never experienced racism I only saw a person as a human being and only paid attention to their character.

    I can't believe the world is the way it is. I hope one day the world will stop all of the hate and just love each other has a human race.


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  • I learned how to remain wild and free deep down no matter what anyone else says or thinks about it.


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  • I learned that I should take things seriously. This may seem stupid but for me it isn't - I was the most absent minded kid ever, I almost never was serious about anything and didn't pay much attention to anything. Now I'm the polar opposite.

  • Nothing major. Everything that created huge impact on me & made me who I am; happened after age of 17-18.


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