Which Frozen Treat Tastes Better? FroYo (frozen yogurt) , Slushies, Ice Cream or Iced Coffee?

I have yet to try froyo, bit so far Wendy's frosty is my fave.

  • Ice Cream
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  • FroYo
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  • Iced Coffee
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  • Slushy
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  • Other (please explain) 😊
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  • Wendy's Frosty
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  • Don't eat or like frozen treats :|
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  • I love froyo and ice cream 💙

    • Whoop whoop!

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    • I seriously need to try some, but i chicken out and always go for ice cream Lol

    • Personally I love froyo more than ice cream, tho I own lots of ice cream at home ahah

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  • It's really a combination of taste and texture. Slushy and the iced coffee are in the same category: drinks. While the froyo and ice cream falls under the same category: food. Both slushies and iced coffee quenches your thirst. It ultimately depends on what you want. Do you want a quick sugar high or do you want some caffeine with your sugar high? I prefer the cofffee. Froyo versus ice cream. This one is a hard one. Both creamy and delicious, but froyo is soft and thus, it is easier to put toppings on Froyo. So I would say Froyo.

  • Ice Cream & Iced Coffee.

  • I wouldn't call ice cream frozen but god I love ice cream.

    If only ice cream was as nutritious as green beans...

  • WTF is froyo? Anyways, slushy's are better in my opinion.

    • FroYo is frozen yogurt :)

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    • The biggest they go is XL for 40oz, which is a little more expensive. Well at least, in the store near me.

    • Wow. It's good stuff so i guess it's kinda worth that much. Should be $2.50

  • Nope nope nope ALL WRONG. Frozen custard or gelato!! >:c

  • Coke slushy mixed with captin Morgan's spiced rum


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