How to word invitations over text?

I'm having a 16th birthday party next week and I've told the people I've invited face to face that im having a party and I'll message then the details. I've invited 52 people and I'm going to text them all tomorrow. Im going to include the place it's at, the postcode also and what time it starts. I want to say "let me know if you can come" at the end of the message and I also wanted to say "bring drinks/a bottle" but I was wondering should I only ask them to bring Drinks if they reply to my "let me know if you can come" part of then text so those that say they can come I will ask to bring drinks. I was also gonna give my mums number Incase their parents are strict and want more info. How should I word it? Anything else I should include (I don't want it to sound formal, just casual as if I was speaking in person)


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  • How about RSVP bring bottle...


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  • Example: Hey guys! So I'm having my party next week on Sept 27th at Universal Studios, 6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando FL. Plan to get there around 10am. If you can come, please bring drinks or a bottle, and respond to this text asap. And if you're parents want more info, here's my mom's #: 555-9275. Hope to see you there!

    • That's great thank you!😃

    • No problem! And happy early birthday :D