Whicn one would you rather recive first, the good news or the bad news? The critique or the compliment?

My family were watching a magician casting show with Penn and Teller and my dad complained how every "juror" was so nice and only complimented the magician. We then debated on which is better, to deliver the critique first and soothe the burn with compliments? Or to lift someone up first and then drop the bomb?

Which one do you prefer receiving first?

  • The bomb first, and later the cotton candy to ease the pain
    82% (9)100% (6)88% (15)Vote
  • Cotton candy first so I could have something good before I suffer
    9% (1)0% (0)6% (1)Vote
  • Other
    9% (1)0% (0)6% (1)Vote
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  • The bomb first... then everything good can come in to ease the pain


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  • bad news, then the good news to lighten to mood :D
    they both kinda make sense tho. haha

  • Best way of doing this is actually to sandwich criticism between compliments. Before - butter them up for the bad points. After critiquing - ease them back into good spirits.