What does this quote mean?

Found this quote online and wanted to see how people would interpret this...

"Blessed is the man who finds a woman who loves God more than him. Blessed is the woman who finds a man who seeks God to find her. Blessed are they both if they wait for each other and live for God."


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  • It's obviously a religious quote and directed to religious people.

    It simply means that as a man you'll be blessed by choosing a partner who also loves God and finds joy in God and that God should also come first in the relationship. You should love God first and then through that love you will be guided to the right partner who also values God first and foremost.


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  • I think it means that God is more important than the man's desires AND that God should be the 'man' the woman loves most in life. But I dunno, I'm atheist and maybe I missed some other bull.


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  • It was the quote my secret admirer left on my table way back in college. I find it sweet. Implies that he's God-fearing and thinks that the girl she likes is, too.


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