How to stop worrying?

I'm having a birthday party next week and I've invited 50 people and I've told them all face to face and I've messaged everyone the details and I've only got 10 definitely that's are coming and I keep worrying that barley anyone's going to come and it's going to be empty ( and my parents have hired and hall and dj specially)😔am I overthinking things like I always do


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  • they will miss out lol


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  • in my experience people tend to show up without confirmation. i think you're just overthinking it. but don't worry i do the same thing haha

    • Aw thank you this made me feel relived I think your right😊even if half of the people I've invited come, I'll be happy & i do it all the time it's really irritating because I get so anxious and in constantly worrying an I feel ill

    • My birthday was a couple weeks ago and I felt the exact same way but plenty of people ended up coming even though only like 20 people RSVPed to my facebook event haha honestly I really think you'll be fine! just try to relax and focus on having fun! even if not a ton of people show doesn't mean it won't be fun anyway! especially if your closest friends show up