How long should I wait to file an ebay claim for item not received?

Today makes the 23 day mark since my item supposedly shipped from china, and still no item nor has tracking number worked yet. All's I get for tracking info on EMS is "No tracking information for the shipment, or overdue tracking.". Also should I file a claim with ebay or paypal as the seller is no longer a registered user.

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I'm in the process of filing a claim, but I'm stuck at "Tell the seller what you'd like:" how do I do that when the user is no longer a registered ebay user?


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  • i would file one today but its probably on the slow boat from china. i ordered a jacket from a seller on there and it same in 3 weeks after it was supposed to but at least it came


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  • 23 days is a long time - I would start investigating who to claim against unfortunately I never bought anything on Ebay so I don't know procedure, someone here is bound to.


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  • I usually wait for 4, maximum 7 weeks. Then I mail to customer support service and call them ( ) Problems like these are rarely solved at the moment, usually it takes some time to get sure your parcel was lost.

  • file a claim with Ebay ASAP. Contact Ebay immediately and explain the situation. you ordered a product 23 days ago. the user is no longer registered. Considering that the user is no longer registered it seems safe to say they are trying to steal money.

    So I'd also file a claim with paypal to get your money reimbursed which won't be a problem

    • Already filed a claim with Paypal, got refunded 2 hours after filing the claim, that was fast I was expecting it to take at least a couple of days.

  • If they aren't a member anymore i'd start the process right now. If the item shows up you can always cancel the claim.