Why is my mom acting like this?

My mom doesn't want to believe her guardianship will be over when I turn 18 and I won't have to listen to her anymore. She pretends the law doesn't exist. She says she'll put me in chains if she needs to and when I say that's illegal she says she doesnmt care. She took it as "you won't be my mom when I turn 18" for some reason. She thinks she can still tell me where I can and can't go, I can't get the fact I'll be an autonomous adult in her head.


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  • Well if you're under her house when you turn 18, just be respectful of her rules. Her house, her rules. BUT if you will be moving away to school or moving out on your own somewhere. Also, let her know that no matter how old she gets, shell always been your mom and you'll always need her to be there. Tell her that you appreciate everything she's done for you so far and that you acknowledge the sacrifices she's made to raise you.

  • You'll always be her little girl. Make your life your own but don't forget that fact.