Why do people like being rude to me?

Throught out my life I always had people being rude to me when I never did anything to them rather it was at school, friends or family or even random strangers. I'm so sick and tired of it and I want to know why to people want to be cunts to me when I never did anything wrong to them?


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  • That is just how some people are. Everyone comes across people that are like this at some point in their life. The thing is you need to know how to deal with it. Being rude back is not the solution as you can't do that in the workplace to say a customer or something. I think the biggest thing you need to remember is that words are not always true and just because someone said something does not always make it true. By the way what I have said is not directed at you only but everyone in general.

    • I know that I try to stay nice as possible until my patience runs dry like with my sister I don't want her in my life she such a fucking bitch to me I can't take her shit anymore. But I am sick and tired of this shit like seriously I don't say anything even thou I feel like punching them in the face.

    • Haha well I did not know you knew that.. What sort of things does your sister do?

    • Lets just say she has no regards for my feelings and she cares more about her friends and her boyfriend to me and she won't even change she rather acts like the 13 year old when she 24.

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  • some people are just like that.


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  • The world is a cruel place, most people will run over you for a dollar


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