Any Lyft or Uber drivers out there? What's it like?

A coworker of mine says she drives for Uber over the summer, when we teachers have time on our hands. I've been thinking about doing it myself during the summer and holidays. What's it like?


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  • It's great money, and there is no cash exchanged. Everything is done by credit card through that app, and you're issued a paycheck. This means that that riders are linked by credit card to an Uber profile, and they can be given ratings, just like the drivers. If a rider causes too many problems for drivers, they can be booted and banned from using the app.

    Just be VERY careful about securing the proper insurance. Some insurance companies allow you to have dual coverage. When your app is logged in, the Uber insurance covers you. But most insurance companies still aren't too cool with ride share drivers, and may drop you. Your car also needs to be 10 years or newer.

    Also, this should be a no-brainer, but NEVER take a rider who hasn't confirmed a ride through that app. You just don't know who they could be. A friend was almost raped last week trying to help a guy at the bar where she was staged. His phone was dead, so he couldn't log into the app. When she informed him that he was being recorded, he stopped. She hasn't pressed charges because she could get into serious trouble for taking a fair off the books, and lose her main source of income.


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