I found out I am going to have a still birth... how do I tell my fiancée?

today was the day out of all the times I had had scans that my fiancée did not come with me due to work. I am 30 weeks pregnant and today I found out that I am going to have a still birth... my baby isn't alive :'( i can barely handle it... I have not told my fiancée yet becaue I feel it is something that I should say to his face... I know how excited and how happy he was he was going to be a father of our baby boy and I really dont know how to tell him:'( i can barely handle this... how can I help him and myself through this?


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  • Just be like you know how you always said you'd never change a diaper before well I've got good news for you


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  • You help each other through it and remember it isn't the end of the world, you're both young and healthy. Sadly these things do happen.

    • I want to talk to someone now about it but I don't want anyone who I know to know before him :( i can't stop crying. I am sure he will be deviated but I also know he will be quiet happy to try again...

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  • Aw. Sit him down. Hug him. And tell him gently

    • it will break his heart just like it has broken mine... and the thought that I have to go through the labor process makes it worse...