What kind of pc do you prefer?

I'm just curious about this..., you use a high-end pc or just the basic and mid level ones? I'm using Samsung's Windows 7 Desktop, it has 3.7 Ghz Quad Core Processor with a 8 GB RAM & 16 TB Hard Drive, 18.6 Inch Monitor, Specially its a Gaming, Movie, Music & High Multitasking... coz I've brought Dolby Home Theatre Speakers (I love music)...


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  • My brother @dogbert444 built our computers from scratch. We have 2 each. One is used on the internet only, the other is top spec ADM that never goes on line. The latter is used for serious work like video editing and uni course work. It runs Win8.1 and later will be Win10.

    The on-line pc uses Ubuntu Linux and is used for any general browsing and limited social media. It's fast enough for average use, but could do with an upgraded processor, mb and ram.

    • Thinking about it, I'm not sure why we don't use Linux on our main machines. All the software we need is available for nothing. I think we're just too lazy to change. If Win10 proves to be a disaster like 8.1, I'm sure we'll change!

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  • I'm more laptop so I have a Lenovo Y40-80. Good laptop for playing games like Witcher Wild Hunt, MGSV, even Batman Arkham Knight.


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  • So many things wrong with that question... but anyway, I use a "mid level" machine. i7 quad core, with hyper threading, 16 GB RAM, with just over 4 TB of drive space. Dual monitors. I use it as a "file server" for my home as well as gaming.