Am I the only who thinks the male stars of friends did not get as popular than the female?


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  • Yeah, Jen is definitely the break out star in terms of what they did after the show. Courtney was in Cougartown and did the Scream movies... Lisa is in a funny show now. Matt (Perry) did some movies, like 17 Again and the Whole Nine Yards that were kind of good at least. He has his own show the Odd Couple now...

    I have to agree, I think the female stars did better overall afterwards.


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  • David Schwimmer was in Band of Brothers, Matt LeBlanc's been in all types of shit, Matthew Perry's done films here and there.

    Whereas aside from Jennifer Aniston I can't tell you ANYTHING Lisa Kudrow has been in, and I only know one thing Courtney Cox was in (which I think had something to do with her being a cougar).

    Honestly I think the men went on to more things.


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  • The only super popular one now though is Jennifer Anniston, the others aren't as well known, male or female.

    • That one guy is in a couple movies. But yea, none of them really blew up like Ms Aniston :D

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  • None of them really did anything of note after Friends.

    • jennifer aniston to some extent

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    • not if she had still married brad pitt

    • Which would have been unlikely if she hadn't been on Friends, still there's a lot of wives of A list dudes who nobody really knows about.

  • Matthew Perry has done some films after that, David Schwimmer did a few episodes on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    Damn, why the hell do I know this...

    • Oh, and the other guy was the star of a television show on Showtime.

    • surprising man, only Matt LeBlanc actually had looks of a hollywood star and he has done the least after friends lol

    • Yeah, that guy, he was on a show called Episodes.

  • I can somewhat agree.