I really like him, then I know he has a girlfriend?

He likes me definitely because the reason I know him, it's because when I was drinking in a terrace alone he saw me and asked me if I want to join he and his friends, then we talked a lot and hit on with each other. Some of his friends also like me because the second time when we went out, two of his friends even tried to to kiss me but then they can see that the person who I like it is him. His friends know he has a girlfriend of course, his girlfriend is abroad now.

I actually have a few guys like me really a lot, but why I only like this guy? I really feel bad, but I am so much appealing to him. I'm afraid I may call him to ask him out the next minute.

  • Contact him
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  • Forget him
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  • Forget him obviously.

    He has a girlfriend.

    There are no BUTS in this.

  • forget him.