Any advice for someone struggling with debt?

Specifically how to budget money and keep from overspending.


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  • 1) Calculate the amount of income you have coming in per month. 2) Conduct a rough estimate on how much you spend. 3) Use bank statements, credit card statements, and receipts. 3) Then, write everything down on a list called needs versus wants. 4) Needs are items that you have to buy or pay i. e. water, electricity, rent, gas, etc. 5) For things like food, alcohol, and other consumables, you can search Google to try to find ways to save money, i. e. save by buying store brands or in bulk. 6) To avoid credit card debt, you need to ask yourself can you pay this off now? If you cannot, don't buy it through a credit card. Save the money first, then buy.

  • Don't spend what you don't got.