How is in Amsterdam? is it worth to visit?


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  • I went this past summer and liked it a lot. It's beautiful and seems like such a happy place to live. There are flowers everywhere, and a bunch of scenic canals. All the locals ride their bikes to get around.
    Sorry the second one's sideways, haha. It's a photo of a pizzeria with extra seating on a boat!

    • how much money did u spent? beautiful places!!


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  • Well I didn't think it was anything special, but I'll go anywhere I've never been before.

    Depends what you're going for too? I didn't think it was good for sightseeing or culture, but then again it was a few days city break so maybe I didn't see the whole place to judge it completely

    • Well you should come back because there is enough to see for sightseeing

  • From what I've heard it's better than Paris

  • Alcohol weed meth Marijuana coco all of them there so i meant the worst dirty city on the earth.


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  • I would love to visit a country like Amsterdam, in which I am some Dutch. My ancestors on my dad's side go way back, along with many other nationalities that I am here, dear.
    it is on my List of places to see. I have traveled to London, Istanbul, Turkey, Switzerland, and even lived out in Egypt for awhile.
    India, Rome, Paris are also on my list.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for the upvote.:)) xxoo

    • u are welcome!! why did you choose Egypt to live for a period?

    • I married a man from Facebook who found me one day, spent time with him and his family on Skype and then I hopped on board to Cairo where we tied the knot second trip.. Quite an experience, I can tell you. lolxxoo

  • Yeah, Amsterdam is still worth visiting.

  • The architecture is historical and people are fun. Drugs are in the air lol. Red light district is worth a visit too. Beautiful canals, amazing museums, warm people, no trouble with speaking in English, etc.
    Yes it is worth a visit for fun and recreation. Visit for more than 2 days though, to see the complete city.
    A lot of adventure awaits you there. ;)

    • red light district is where girls stay at window and showing their body?
      alsooo, how much money did u spent and how many days have u been?

    • Yes red light district is the same. My guy friend from Pakistan fainted there ;) we had to ask ambulance to take him to hospital.
      I have friend studying there and has a flat, so I didn't have staying expenses. I spent around 100 EUR for museums, ann frank's house, some drinks and food, transportation pass.

  • Amsterdam is beautiful. I sadly did not go, but some of my mom's family lives there so she showed me pictures when she visited. The closest I've been was Rotterdam, which is southwest of Amsterdam.

    There's good food, the architecture is beautiful and the people in the Netherlands are usually quite friendly. If you go, try some patatje oorlog at a snack stand or frite stand. (although I prefer stoofvlees met frietjes, which I got in Belgium mostly).

    patat oorlog (war fries):