#OneLastLogin Any final advice you can/want to give me for life?

I'm leaving this site. I want to bid a big thanks to you for all the support, love and unique moments you gave me for the last one year we spent together. I don't think I have any kind of business left here but I certainly know that there's a big big world out there waiting for me. I want a complete focus on my career so, I better work harder.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I made a lot of friends here and I treat them like family members. So, I cannot lose those precious peeps that easy so, I won't deactivate this account. I'll check inbox and return next year or after 2 years or never (god knows).

I have a lot to say but this is a question and not a myTake so, I should better keep it short and a legit question.
So, I ask you give me one final lesson which could or would help me in my life.

I don't know how and why but I'm crying and smiling at the same time right now writing this,

Game over folks, believe it or not!


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  • Hello, my Dearest and most Sweetest @YourFutureEx,
    I just saw this a minute ago and I am so sad to see you go. I know you told me of what you had planned on doing, P, but I want you to know how missed and so loved and respected you are by Not on this "P" here, dear, but by the many other GAGERS on GAG.
    Always remember to focus on you and your own life. Live each day as though it were your last. Take care of those like your friends and family who cherish and love you and shoot for the stars at something you feel you can accomplish and never let anyone tell you "No, you can't."
    I will never forget you, I will miss seeing you around GAG, it willl not be the same without seeing your name or us joking around or even Me mentioning you as I never forget to because you are someone I adore and am proud to know and was lucky Enough... To know and love.
    God bless, Good luck and never Forget... You always have a place with every face n GAG town, love.:)) xxoo

    • That was so sweet. Thanks a lot for all this P. We will always be there with each other in the form of essence of love and soul providing support to each other no matter how far we are :))
      Some day, we'll meet again!

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    • Aww.. see you soon :)) xxoo

    • Hoping so, sweet guy.:)) xxoo

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  • I'm suck-ish at inspirational quotes but Ron Swanson always said "Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing."

    But really man, it is sad to see you go. When I first started up on this site, you were really nice to me and helped me out. You always went above and beyond what the question asked (like where you asked for like 4 truths/4 dares on the one question LOL).

    Also you have one of the few myTakes I ever followed, just because it was so damn useful. It was mind blowing when I realized @asker didn't refer to the asker, and that I could find people's profiles with typing in the URL bar directly.

    I know you had some haters on here and stuff, but you also had some people that really liked your opinions. I mean, you were willing to put in the effort for your thoughts and back them up. Really cool. I know you said you used to give a lot shorter funny opinions, but I wasn't around when that happened, so I can only base it off now. You're really cool though. I remember seeing some questions you answered where I was about to answer but then was like "Oh nevermind, yourfutureex already said everything I was going to say about the subject. *sigh* I guess I'll move along."
    It is odd, I almost don't want to believe you when you say you are leaving. Half of me still thinks this was a dare in one of the truth or dare questions...

    Nevertheless, as they would say in Aliens, Game over man!
    Enjoy real life. I'll be here on GAG until the bitter end :D

    • That was beautiful. And to be honest, I feel and say the same things about you :D You're doing brilliantly. If anyone would ask me that which person should he/she follow, you'll come in my mind.

      I want to stay but as some people say "you can't have it all". I cannot enjoy as well as touch success. My career is demanding hard work from me.
      I'm not deactivating tho. I promised Klaatu that I'll always stay here but I don't know when I'll return. All I know that it's not going to happen anytime soon or at least till I succeed in my ambitions.

      Take care of the things on my behalf. Now, you are the king! :D

    • Thanks man. Means a lot! I'm not sure if I would deserve a king crown, but thanks for the kind words haha
      Good luck in doing whatever that "being productive" thing is xD

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  • We has a rocky road in the beginning , in one of my mytakes. After that we became such great acquaints further respecting each other's views.
    You are a smart young man , I wish you a fulfilling life and I know you will accomplish all of your goals.

    Peace and love <3

    • *We had a rocky road

    • Yeah I still remember. I laugh at the person who made the phrase "first impression is the last impression". This is so untrue. We are living examples.

      Thank you very much. I certainly will accomplish. You're one of my favourites. I learned a lot from you. Thanks for everything in this journey.
      ❤☮ :)

    • <3 Thanks , that means a lot to me. Farewell my friend !

  • "Never give up no matter how hard the battle is, there will always be a rainbow after every rain." - something someone has said to me years ago but will forever stick in my mind, especially when I'm attempting suicide.

    Anyways, best of luck in your future endeavors 😊 Have a nice and fun life ahah

    • The battle I'm challenged for is superlatively ridiculously and overwhelmingly hard but I'll keep your golden words in my mind no matter how catastrophic situations are there.

      Thanks a lot. Pity, it's been just a week that we met and we are departing.

      Hope to see you again. Until then, game on!

      Farewell! :)

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    • Promise me you'll return here 🙈

    • The fate and destiny will do what's the best for us :)

  • I totally get how you feel. Happened to me tpp when i deactivated my old account. I also did a similar action and since i was more well known back then, i had people saying nice things and wishing me nice things and asking to stay in touch. Which was all touching i guess...

    I don't know you well but i definitely have noticed you as one of the good ones 😝 have fun in your offline life, and hope you get what you dream for! Cheers!🍻

    • I've read your answers to klaatu's posts and you sound like a wise mature lady. Those upvotes are mine lol.

      Well, I think people (inc. Admins) are happy in my departure instead. So, it's not touching for my now. This site is unwanted distraction in my life. If I spend my time in productive thing, I'll be earning way too much in coming years.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words. I will!
      You stay happy and conquer your ambitions too. It was nice meeting you. Hope to see you again in future. 😇

  • I can't believe your leaving! I still remember the first time we met and/or second time we met.

    I asked a question ( something bout describing yourself or where do you see yourself in whatever amount of time )

    And you respond - your future ex.

    Then I was like cool or gotcha

    Then another time you asked a question if you thought Your username was weird and I was like no I like it. Then I think you have me MHO. Not sure tho.

    But here is my advice to you...

  • Okay. Bye.

    • Haha you always tried too hard to pretend to be evil. Yeah maybe it's cool. I tried that too sometimes. But you know what, we should never forget and undermine the good part and assets inside us.

      A good villain tries to defeat the hero, a better villain tries to be victor instead. When you will get the difference, you'll be a happier person or at least become what you wanna be.

      Good luck, stay happy! :)

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    • Online persona? Is that the life you wanted to live? Well...

      I know. You don't need to tell me. I can read people. I will still thank you for hating me. You hate make me realise that I'm too good. And if people are not jealous of me, it means I'm doing it wrong.

      Best wishes 9girl :)

    • Here's some advice for you, darling: remember that you're just one of seven billion and not all that special.

  • Thank you for injecting your time here. I've seen your post and you wrote good MyTakes and seemed to have genuine concern for the GaG community.

    Good luck with your career endeavors :)

    • Yeah all of them were promoted and I have so high MH% in G@G community topic, especially for the past two months. Thank you so so much :)

    • no problem. :) and i forgot to give you the one last piece of advice for life. i wrote this on another question, where Asker asked what advice would you give to your 21 year old self. below was my answer. might be useful to you.

      don't give a shit what other people think of you or what you perceive other people to think of you
      follow your own way and stand for your own beliefs
      be the rock and not the wind for you'll go places that were unintended
      you are prize with 1000 options, so act like it

    • This is one of the reason I'm leaving. I think the opinion of others are negatively influencing my cognition. I WILL keep that in mind in my life. Thanks for taking time and efforts on this. That was so nice of you. Hope to see you again :)

  • I refuse to believe it. You always come back.


    • I never left. During my last 11 active months, I didn't login for ~7 days only (combined).

      You can say, I got a life now.

  • Well, good luck and have a nice life! :)

  • Never say never-my advice.
    Good bye.

    • I'm glad to see that teens tend to literally answer that question instead of other peeps.

      Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Perhaps, I'll apply that in my life too.

      Farewell :)

  • Okay bye...

  • I am so heartbroken

  • Farewell it was nice meeting you

  • Bye! I wish you luck!

  • Just fucking leave already.

  • You would not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.
    :- )
    I will always remember you, kind soul. May peace always be with you :- )

    • Thanks. You are the MOST peaceful person I have ever met. :- )))
      Well, you can stalk my tweets till then. I'll try to keep them peaceful haha :D

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    • Haha, don't always make me laugh ;- )
      Did you manage to get the specs you wanted?

    • Not yet lol I'm lazy. But I'll get them soon :)

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  • i678.photobucket.com/.../vader-nooooo.jpg
    DUDE... god fucking damn it :(

    All right, best of luck out there, bro. It was a pleasure.

  • Come on... you don't need to leave GAG to concentrate on studies or anything else. GAG can always be your intellectual trail ground when you need a break :) Getting hooked to anything is bad but if you use it wisely it always nurtures your intellect :)

    THAT is my advise to you young friend :)

    • I know but trust me, it's so hard. 5 more minutes become 5 more hours. Don't worry, we will remain in touch via other platforms like Twitter etc. Yeah we'd not discuss things but believe me, it won't take that long. These years are crucial for me. I'll be back soon with a better me.

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    • I'll try it again. ☺

    • Hope it works :)

  • First.. You may not have noticed me.. but I really like your opinions on things. I learned a lot from you. I will miss you.

    Second- A really good advice from my heart, from my personal experience.
    ALWAYS TAKE THE RISK. Trust me.. months and years down the lane you'll cringe at the thought of backing out then. What is the worse that would happen? You'd lose. That's exactly what happens when you dont take the risk. So basically you have nothing to lose. So, if you have to take a risk.. dont think.. just take it. Good bye :)

    • Aww.. wish I noticed you earlier. Thanks for giving support to my answers. It's pleasure and an ecstatic news to me that I'd help someone 😇

      Thanks for that advice. Hope someone was there to tell me this thing when I didn't try several things just because I was scared. Yeah it's late but it's not too late. I can, I will.
      "If I risk nothing, I'm risking everything"

      Best wishes to you as well. Keep smiling :) hope to see you again.


    • Farewell :)

  • @YourFutureEx your ideas and thoughts were often aligned with mine :) you will be missed, but not forgotten.

    Think with your head, feel with your heart, and act with your balls!
    The greatest risks come with greatest reward! Take on life to its fullest my friend!

    • You're absolutely right. We're birds of the same feather.

      That's brilliant advice. I dig it, fella!
      I'll miss you too. Maybe I'll be back some day. I wish for your successful life as well. Hope I'd have your presence again and see you as Super Saiyan 4. Game on!
      Farewell :)

    • farewell my friend

  • I might not be far from behind you on leaving this site
    it's pretty bad within the time i been here from May 7, 2014
    to now , I only received a handful of messages from people
    people see my picture of a fat white American and they run
    cause all my ugliness for yourself all i can say is good luck and best wishes
    follow your dreams and when i leave i will delete i will not keep
    the GaG account. I do feel unappreciated in life in so many ways.

    • Nah. I've seen you as a wise man since beginning. You're not ugly but if you think you are, certainly you're then. It's good to hear that you'll also leave because then you'd spend more time on productive things and realise the truth.

      Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

    • Your very welcome and thanks for the kind words :)

    • Please dont be so hard on yourself @JustinCaseUDontKnow :(
      I've always seen you as a funny, wise and awesome-to-be-with guy, you shouldn't be hard on yourself. Embrace the things you like about yourself, Im sure there are plenty of them! You can also work on the things you dont like about yourself (personality wise), if you want to raise your confidence :) I wish you the best :)

  • Don't worry guys, he'll be back. They always come back... right? ... Right?
    My advice to you, if there's a cool thing but you're not sure whether to do it or not, take a form for it just in case. You never know!

    • Lol I mentioned that I may be back but not anytime soon.

      Thanks a lot. That's a very good advice. And I must say, I'm a hesitant person so, you hit the nail on the head! :)

    • I am glad to be of service :)

  • I dont understand why people leave GaG, you dont have to be online on GaG every moment. I usually only check on GaG once every 3 hours and reply to messages and sometimes read a mytake/answer a question. I think you'll enjoy GaG more that way, cuz eventually in the end you'll get less bored of it, cuz you spend less time on it rather than being on GaG 5 or 6 hours straight a day.

    But my tips: There will always be a sunrise, after a sunset.
    It might take long, and you might experience a lot of struggles/problems at once, but believe me, there will come a time of brightness after that, just have the patience and courage to work on them or let them go away (depending on the kind of problem) :)

    Every negative has it's positive.

    Without darkness you can't see stars. (Sometimes you have to experience struggles/problems before realising positie things)

    I dont know you very well, but i wish you the best of luck :)

    • You're right but 5 more minutes become 5 more hours. And it is distraction + it kinda negatively influenced my cognition + the intensity of negativity has been considerably increased here.

      That was a very good advice. I know how sunsets look like but it is the time for the sun to rise again with full luminosity. I'll certainly turn all the negative aspects into my favour.

      Best of luck to you as well, fella :) Stay happy and conquer your dreams.

  • "You need to be your biggest cheerleader." - Jad T Jones

    I wrote a myTake on this actually (promoted today) featuring his video on this: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a22467-be-your-biggest-cheerleader-jad-t-jones

    I've found this to be quite helpful in staying positive and avoiding negative self-talk if you ever have issues with that like myself.

  • I remember when I firat saw your username, I was dying laughing lol 😂 Goodluck out there and take care bruh

    • Hahaha. Yeah that name helped me getting recognised so easily. I got a head start with this.

      Thanks a lot :)

  • Alavida. My advice is just to live long and prosper in life.

  • Farewell!
    Remember that the real world is dangerous unlike GAG.

    Good luck with everything!

    • I'm ready for the challenge, fella. People used to tell me the same thing about GAG before I signed up here 😏

  • Farewell and have fun! :)

    • Thanks a lot fella. I want to give you an advice instead right now.
      You're not doing the things right these days. Honestly, you're a genius but if you got a point in your arguments, you don't have to shove it on others' face or raise your voice. It's bad to see that a lot of peeps stopped liking you.

      This is one of the major reason I'm leaving that, this site is changing me. I'm not what I was. I started to unnecessarily debate with people.

      Same goes for you.

      "Defeating people is easy but winning people is extremely hard"

      Farewell! :)

  • Become an Alpha the world will unlock for you!!!
    (best advice I could give you)
    Good luck!!!

  • Toodles ! We'll be here.
    For how long, no one knows !~


  • Bye?


  • Good luck and have fun,
    For the advise part: it's just a site man no need to be so emo about it :)

    • Thanks a lot bro. :)

      Yeah I know. That's gentleman's code ;)

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    • okay probably I'll order something in Germany then... I've heard they deactivated some accounts when some users tried to avail their Amazon card option... this is quite douche-bag behaviour on admins part

    • Personally, I think these are false claims. Some people just find ways to spread negativity. Don't worry :)

  • bro... i'll tell u just one thing...

    u will always be ma fav member here... u know who i'm i guess... ;)

    technically i'll "leave" as well... since i'll be in da shadows from now on...

    we won't get lost... u've got ma e-mail... :)

    • Yes. We'll always be in touch. I'll add you tomorrow. I didn't deactivate this account because I promised you to always stay here. Maybe I'll be back in future.
      Thanks a lot for your kind words :)

    • u r welcome... :)

      sure i remember when u said u'll never cancel it... ;)

      so basically u r takin a very long hiatus...

    • It is possible that I'll never return but I guess there will be a time when I'd take a break from my routine and check this :)