Is it possible for a human to throw an energy blast in real life just like Trunks from Dragon Ball?

Wot do u believe? If u believe it’s possible…wot kind of technique someone should use?


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  • If I remember right, a persons fat contains about 15 kilotons worth of energy if it could be changed into heat and pressure.

    But I don't think physics will allow us to manipulate our energy at distance.
    There's a documentary about a man who could start fires with his energy, but there's so little info that I've found that I'm left dubious.

    Truth is, I don't know, and I don't think even the modern brain of science knows for sure the limits of our bodies.

    • Sorry, that was 15 kt per... was it gram... or pound. I forget the math, but it's a good deal of energy we have in us.


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  • I assume you mean with some kind of weapon like in the Iron Man movies. "Throwing energy" doesn't make any sense because energy is a measurement, not some kind of material. You can transfer energy, like when you throw an object or heat something up. Guns and missiles are pretty good at that. You can launch high pressure air in a direction, but the shockwave would be invisible, and the weapon would essentially be a cannon. The military actually has weapons that emit (non-visible) light to basically microwave the enemy, but I don't think they've ever used it in battle. Lasers would basically make something really hot, and they can technically apply pressure but we're talking at the molecular scale. Plasmas (ionized gas) could look like the cartoons (think neon signs), but it's not clear how you could propel a plasma since you need a source and drain for electrons. Electrocuting your enemy is essentially a way to do this, but that's boring. Other solutions are rocket engines, flame throwers and blowing hot gas.

  • You better believe anything is possible... the universe can create anything it likes

    Its like superman flight, how does he project himself with no thrusters like iron man... the issue is we would need a reason to evole for nature to create a gland or some type of mechanism that allows us to manipulate energy like that

    Currently we have creatures that can create electricity from their own bodies, grow limbs if they get cut off and creatures that can actually live in a pure vaccum (space) for years and survive with no food or air, be burnt and frozen but not die

    Yes its possible im sure just like space flight is possible by numerous methods, such as manipulation of space (warp drive) or even using anti matter and matter to create force

    We just need to have a mechanism in us that can harnest energy and blast it off, but the big question is how? Lol... well we are still in phase 1 of an advanced race... we have a long way to go

    • i believe one day'll be able to even travel back in time... remember/...50 years ago... NOBODY'd believe we'd have access to computers so easily... ;)

    • Eeeek
      Time travel backwards is very hard... almost impossible... breaks a lot of rules and reslly messed up...

      Time travel in the future, yes possible and it actually happens everyday lol... oddly

    • basically weren't u supposed to be transferred to a paralel universe where history won't be affected?

  • I think it might have made the news LoL

  • "Burning Attack!" Gotta love Future Trunks...

  • no, it isn't possible.