Is a best friend supposed to be supportive, no matter what and how they themselves feel?

Are you supposed to be supportive and happy for your best friend if something good for them happens in their lives, even if your life at the moment sucks? And what you are feeling is actually more of a jealousy towards your bestie for having something good happening to them while you are still waiting for something good to happen in your own life?

Are you then a Bad friend if you can't be happy and supportive for them when you're feeling down yourself?


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  • The jealousy is a bad thing. I understand being in a down and somber mood and not being cheerful for your friend, but being jealous (the older sibling of envy) is a bad thing.

    Jealousy can cause a friendship to rip apart.

    In order for one to be happy, one has to be able to celebrate the successes of others.


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  • There are times when you need to look out for number 1. No it is not bad to focus on yourself.

  • naah you are bad friend if you showed it up.. I know it's sick but it's true be as envious as you want but never show it up and you are a very good friend that I wish I have one like :)

    • But I also think that being good friends means you're also supposed to be honest about your jealousy to each other. Just don't act nasty because of it, but admit that it does make you jealous

    • nope sorry but if she even suspect that you think of being jealous you are done... I've seen it and it's ugly no one will even try to understand it so just consider it as your duty and do it

    • If honesty turns ugly then there is some degree of maturity and understand ihn lacking. And so much selfishness.

  • there are times, where you just want to share your happynes. if you best friend frowns upon your happynes, it feels a bit bad but if i know that my friend has a really bad time, i could still understand it and not be mad or anything.


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