Have you ever questioned your sanity?


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  • I'd be lying if I said no.

    People say that we're human because we feel
    and that we feel, because we're human..

    But what if I don't "feel"?

    I was your typical young boy back when I was young
    but circumstance decided my situation, and caused me to lose faith
    I stopped caring about people for a while (sociopath?) thought they were
    ignorant and irrelevant due to their lack of "being able"

    I was lucky with the body I'd been given, and this will sound like bragging
    but whatever.. for the sake of the question.. I had always been good at the things I did, if I ran, I was the fastest, if I fought, I was the strongest, and at class, I was the smartest.. with it came arrogance, unfortunately.. and it make me view other people
    in a bad light, inadequate and inable to provide me anything of worth.

    Soon after, I began questioning things on a greater scale, "why do I live?"
    "why this era?" "what is my purpose?" I began secluding myself from other people
    and skipping classes, the people around me either praised me or hated my guts
    and at this point, I could see why, because I had begun "feeling" again.


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  • There was a time when it was out of question that I was actually insane. It's so scary and I don't even have any specific memories of that time it's like my brain has been in some entirely different place for quite a while.
    It was pretty simple to get me back to normal though but I'm still afraid, maybe because it was so easy, to ever fall back to that again..


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  • Every time I come on this site, I have to question my own sanity after reading some people's opinions.

  • Only every day lol. I'm not ashamed to admit that there may be a screw slightly loose up there.

  • All the time

  • Ya once
    dark times

  • I question it all the time.