Am I Debby Downer?

I got into an argument with my mom today and she kept saying that I was a Debby Downer. This whole entire argument started because one of my old teachers sent me a journal throught the mail because she thought that I be a writer. I was grateful for the book, but I told my mom that I hated writing, because I do. So my mom claimed that I hated everything. She said I hate dancing, I hate writing, I hate cooking, and I hate doing hair, and lots of other things. She also said I have no friends. She was right about a lot of things. I do hate a lot of things, but I also love a lot of things that my mom finds weird. I love animals and love volunteering at animal shelters. My mom thought it was weird. I love art, she ridiculed my art. I love singing, she constantly reminds me that I can't sing. I love just thinking and being inside my head. I love watching movies, and playing video games, and traveling. There's so much I have done and want to do but my mom thinks that everything I like is either weird, nerdy, stupid, too expensive, or all of the above so I never get to do them, or I have to do them when she's not around. Maybe I am a Debby Downer, but it's only because everytime I try to do well she makes me feel awful. I used to like dancing, until she signed me up for dance classes and laughed at me at my first recital and since then I've hated it. I still love singing but I only do it when she's not home. And I DO have friends, it's just that a lot of them are mad at me at the moment (That's a whole other story) or don't live nearby. Am I Debby Downer?


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  • You are a debby downer if someone invites you to ice cream a movie and pizza and you say what's the point everything is crap other than that you just don't like stuff which is normal


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  • No you're not a Debby downer, you're a teenager with differing interests from your mother. Honestly she sounds like an unpleasant woman but if you want her to understand you ask her to join you in some of the activities you like. She needs to learn to appreciate the things that make up you.