Would you ever go on a humanitarian mission to Ecuador or Africa or China if somebody offered you a free and anonymous trip there?

  • Yes all of those places
    0% (0)38% (3)27% (3)Vote
  • Yes some of those places
    0% (0)25% (2)18% (2)Vote
  • Not Sure
    33% (1)0% (0)9% (1)Vote
  • Definitely Not
    67% (2)37% (3)46% (5)Vote
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  • I'm not sure what anonymous means in reference to this, but I'd go to china, Ecuador and some parts of africa, but definitely not just any part of africa.


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  • Pfft, fuck that.

  • No I dont like Africa, it has terrorists, aids, ebola, warlords, corrupt governments, high crime rates, crazy birthrates (if the Africans, who can't support themselves let alone someone else, stopped having like 5 kids each then we wouldn't need to send humanitarian teams there in the first place). Its Africa's own damn fault for sucking so bad, I never want to go there, I would go to China or Ecuador, but Africa is one place I could never go in my life and I would be just fine with that.


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