Deep down I have this feeling my ex thinks of me a lot. Could I be wrong?

I usually dont listen to what my feelings are because im afraid im wrong. But the last time i talked to him he called me amazing and said i was an amazing woman any man would be lucky to have me. (This is after he left me for his new local chick) We lived two hours apart. Anyways... Could my feelings be wrong? Am i lying to myself? lol


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  • i think you are right and your gut feeling is usually right


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  • you could be right... Honestly.. my ex just broke up with me 3 weeks ago... and weirdly.. I feel like sometimes she thinks about me... I mean I could be wrong.. but I don't know it's almost like how you can feel someone staring at you


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  • I don't think your feelings are wrong, but I don't think they're exactly right either.

    Honestly, I think he's keeping you as his "default". I don't want to say "side chick" or rebound girl because, from what you said, it seems he thinks pretty highly of you, and thinks you're an amazing woman. However, I think that because of the distance, he's not able to get what he wants when he wants from the relationship (not just referring to sex). Maybe he's the type of person that doesn't do well with long-distance relationships because he might just be someone who requires more than daily phone calls and/or video calls between the times you see each other.

    It seems that he still has some maturing to do; by leaving you for a "local chick", and not being able to commit to a long-distance relationship, he realizes that you are an amazing woman and a catch, YET he's not ready to commit and/or settle down, and he still wants to "test the waters" and have some fun. It seems that, yes, he is thinking of you a lot, but his immediate needs are outweighing the long-term commitments and sacrifices that come with a more serious relationship.

    (It's hard to determine all of this , however, because we don't know how long you two were together, so this is all speculation from what you provided.)