Gut feelings? What would you say about yours?

Ok so I've had a major gut feeling my guy has or is still being unfaithful. This deep agonizing feeling hasn't left me in three years, we been together 8. So has anyone experience with there gut feelings has it led you right or wrong and would you trust it.


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  • I listen to my gut feelings nearly all the time and it has always paid out. Some people call the gut feeling the reptilian brain, it never fails you.

    • Been together since I was 16. He denies it all of course even swears on our kids I always just want to scream big fat liar In his god damn face.

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  • I generally find my gut is accurate. You started your relationship somewhere between age 10-16?
    It's possible you are growing apart.


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  • Gut feelings are 99.9% right mostly... so maybe he is unfaithful... you can hire a detective or something to check on him.