Would you break up with your boyfriend if he did this?

If he wanted to have sex with another girl and asked the girl if she wanted to hook up. But The girl knows he's dating you so she says I want to but you're not single. so he breaks up with you for a week so he can have sex with her. Then he starts dating you again. He doesn't tell you this but you find out later on that's why he broke up with you and that's why he wanted to get back together (so fast). What would you think if this happened to you?

  • Dump him immediately
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  • Be upset but stay with him
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  • Cheat on him
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  • Consider dumping him for good
    5% (1)0% (0)5% (1)Vote
  • Stay with him. I don't really care.
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  • Other
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  • I would leave his sorry ass right away. No one wants a fuckboy...

    • He didn't cheat on you though

    • Well you asked what I would do if he did that to me. If he did it once, he's going to do it again -.- so if he wants to fuck around I would dump his ass. Duh.

  • Cheat on him, tell him, then dump him
    (do it harshly)


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