Do you imagine a time when high schools will no longer offer football as a extracurricular sport?

Over the weekend a New Jersey teen named Ryan Murray died after taking a hit during a high school football game

My simple question is can you foresee a time when high schools no longer offer football as a sporting option?

My feeling is yes. Obviously it's a choice to play or not to play football but as far as I know high schools have never been in the business of offering activities that come with the risk of death. As the number and severity of injuries continues to rise I can see a point where certain sports (namely football) will no longer be offered by high schools, especially public high schools.

Keep in mind this isn't what you personally want football in high school but rather in a larger scope whether or not you think football will always remain an sporting option at the high school level

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  • i think the future will dictate that. lawsuits will change the economy of things dramatically. the nfl will feel it as well, they'll have smaller pools of talent to draft from and the sport will suffer. right now it seems inconceivable, however nothing lasts forever and football as we know it will change dramatically, hell it already has in the last 10 years. there's still a huge lawsuit sitting with the past players and their concussion issues and what they weren't told about. let's see how that plays out.

    • you're probably right that the number of lawsuits or threat of lawsuits will be the determining factor

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  • Football is way too popular and lucrative of a sport in the USA, to be completely banned.

    It's extremely unfortunate what happened to that student on the field, but death on the football field is so rare that any talk about banning the sport would be an over-reaction.

  • Not at all. Americans, especially Texans, love football way too much to ever ban them from schools. White people are known to riot over their favorite sports team losing, so can you imagine how much worse it would be if football were to be banned from all schools?

    Besides, you could die from practically anything. You could even die from falling out of bed, which is surprisingly way more common than dying from playing football.

    • I agree you can die in many ways but, and just playing devil's advocate, in high school part of the system is designed enrich lives and build teenagers into functioning adults in society... so if it's proven that part of the high school system seems to have an inherent danger in it wouldn't it be the responsibility of the school system to eradicate or at least amend the system? regardless of the potential outcry

  • In Portugal 6 people already died 2 years ago from University Initiation Rituals (I don't really know the correct translantion) and it's not yet banned, not the guilty students were convicted... So I wouldn't worry about football

    • in America they have banned a lot of college initiation rituals that are deemed either overly demeaning or dangerous to the pledges

  • The day they ban socks on the stairs, maybe.

  • Honestly I never understood why Americans like football (well actually I do, its all a marketing scam), but its crazy that people are falling for it. I have tried to get into football on numerous occasions, in college all my friends would sit glued in front of the TV for hours every Sunday to watch 2 hours of commercials and a 1 hour game. I mean it isn't even that fun to watch, the sport has way too many people on the field, you can't watch them all, its basically turn based which is really boring because the offense always goes up against the defense and there is never any variation You hear about 2 great QBs like Tom Brady and Russell Wilson going at it in the Super Bowl, but neither of them are on the field together. They each take turns trying to score some points, thats SO BORING watching people take turns to try to get a ball to the end zone. They stop every 10 seconds for and have to start a new play, they stop every 3 minutes for a 3 minute commercial break, another 10 minutes per half is spent watching the players stand on the field, then of course there is usually at least one injury per game which means they will run about 5 minutes of commercials while the player is taken off. Its all the same thing, throw the ball, watch some guy catch it, hand the ball to someone, watch him get tackled, throw the ball again, score a point. There is no variety, the only variety is that sometimes they throw the ball 20 yards, and other times they only throw it 5 yards. Its all a scam, if you have noticed how many commercial breaks are in football, its deliberate. Back in the day marketers were like "Damn, this sport has to stop every time the ball changes hands for a whole new team to come on the field, and the ball changes hands a lot, we could totally make bank off of this sport. All we need to do is advertise it a little, and we will be rich"...60 years later NBC brought in almost 350 million dollars from the Superbowl, 1 game...60 minutes of actually playing, and the network made 350 million, that is stupid. I hate football, I hope it loses popularity and America starts like another sport, any other sport, Hockey for instance, or Soccer, Rugby, or even Baseball which at least has a more laid back atmosphere to it, and people dont normally die playing baseball because of this. I just dont see the fuss about football at all.

    • I read all of that, and agreed with it.

      But I'll still be up at 10am in front of my tv, every Sunday lol.

    • well to each their own. what you don't like obviously millions do like and what you like millions may not. but to one of your arguments, "there are too many people on the field", it's exact same number in soccer and a similar number in rugby...

      but to my point, do you see a time where high schools (particularly high schools) ban the sport because of the dangers it poses to the student-athletes?