Why do some students skip class?

I'll see people in one class but not another. Or I'll see them walking around campus later. Whenever I ask they always say they were sleeping or something.

But really, I want to know why do you skip class? Are you more likely to skip your morning or afternoon classes? Do you think you have a good grasp of the information and just don't want to go?


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  • Skipping class is a waste of money and silly if you don't have a good reason why.
    It's too immature. It's very middle school/ high school-ish.
    Some students skip class because they're too lazy to go, they're not in the mood, or they're tired. All of these reasons are bad excuses.
    Skipping class because you're sick or you had an important thing to do that day are good excuses.
    There are two types of students. Those who have good reasons to skip class and those who don't.

    • Do any of your friends skip? How do you talk to someone if you want them to go to class?

    • I don't remember any of my friends skipping except for senior skip day (I came that day to take a test and left early because the teachers had no one to teach, lol)
      Anyway, I don't there is a way to persuade someone to attend to class. Unless the absences matter and after a number of absences there will be consequences.

    • Good Friends you have!


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  • I used to do it. As a matter of fact I'd sign up for classes and not go at all. I just didn't take college seriously.

    Society and parents pressure people into going to college. There is a large segment of the population who tout college as some kind of cure-all. You have large numbers of students going to college without any clear reason to be going. They are just going because they are expected to, and maybe never even considered any alternatives.

    They may not be very motivated in the first place. Then add to that not really knowing why they are there, where they are heading, what kind of job and careers are out there, not knowing what it costs to live or anything else about personal finances. It all adds up to not taking it seriously enough. They just don't have enough motivation to. In many cases they shouldn't be there in the first place. They should be out working instead, until they have a very good reason and clear direction that includes college.

    As far as which classes they skip. It's probably just the classes they like or dislike, for whatever reason.

    • It seems to be a very personal matter for some people. If a friend approached you about skipping could they persuade you to go or would it just have been a bother to try

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    • Took the words out of my mouth, apart from education being pressured to move forward at a hell-bent speed. Some students can't keep up, even with tutoring.

    • I'm not sure if I like him. But it just bothers me when I see friends not going to class. College is really expensive, and I have a few friends that struggle with depression and anxiety who skip class because it is just a bad day for them. But I don't understand why people who don't have these circumstances skip.

      I use to think college was a waste of time, but now that I've found a great school with such nice people and have made many friends and I like my majors, I don't mind it, I like learning about the subjects. xD

  • I skipped the other day, but that was just to study for another class. but normally I don't. I paid for it, might as well go

  • i´ve skipped a lot of classes. when i decide, i don´t need that class for my life, i just make minimal effort to get the credits for the class.

    • Do you get good grades? Or would it not matter?

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    • What classes don't show up on the degree? I think all mine do even the Gen Eds.

    • most interdisciplinary stuff for example. it´s different for every uni and field.

  • I do it cause I think the class is a waste of time.

    • First. Awesome pic.
      Second - you don't care if you've spent money on the class?

    • Thanks but I'm still gonna pass the class buy showing up for exams and reading the book and doing the homework.

  • They do not want to go to class and they do not care.

  • If your in college just don't go just don't skip on quiz or tests days then borrow his or her notes


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  • I skip early classes sometimes when I sleep less for 3 hours the night before, because if I don't add a couple hours of sleep, I'll probably sleep in class or have a mental breakdown.

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  • If I skip class it's usually because I'm tired or I feel like shit. Or both.

  • my cousin god rest his soul in heaven gave up completely no one knew why but he would skip school stop caring about anything an saw nothing was worth the trouble anymore and killed himself.

    • That's terrible.

    • That's awful, and I am sorry to hear that. It makes me want to reach out more to those I notice skipping. Did he say anything about the matter if someone brought up his skipping?