Girls, What's with my father?

My brother brought his girlfriend over and my father said she was easy on the eye even in front of my mother. He also was urging my other brother to go out with his friends daughter (this girl is underage and it would be illegal and my brother is in his 30s, my brother rightly turned him down). And he also told me to pursue some young girl from his church who was disgusting and not my type. What is going on here? Try to think of what's wrong with my father? It's disturbing


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  • Heck I'm wondering right along with you! What IS wrong with your father?

    • It's so not normal and it's creepy. He seems obsessed with me having an illegal girlfriend. Yuck.

    • It's alarming, really!

  • Um idk? Maybe he's a pedo?

    • Maybe he is. He's said one girl was hot when she was like really young looking. It was sickening. I don't know what to do