What do you think about people who smoke weed?

I would like to smoke weed more often, the first time I was "high" (I didn't smoke, I ate brownies) it felt soooooo gooood, I had a long deep conversation with one of my friends and we talked about life so amazingly.

I think people who smoke weed have a better spirtual life. (I'm not talking about God and stuff, it's more like internal peace).

There are so many hippies in the town I used to live, they taught me a lot! They open my mind and explain to me things that I don't understand.

Some people think people who smoke weed are bad and some people wouldn't date a weed smoker.

Weed comes from nature... what's the big deal? I know I know, abussing is never good, bit I've never heard about someone dying because of weed, alcohol, on the other hand, kills someone every day.


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  • i think they need to pass and stop bogarting. everyone else can stfu.


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  • I like weed, but it's not magical. Opening your mind and being spiritual takes more than drug use. Don't let anything become a crutch - too many people let weed be a "go to" fix against boredom, loneliness, insecurity, etc. A ton of people I know wasted so much time getting high and watching the same Family Guy episodes over and over.

    Weed is pleasant and mostly harmless (smoking too much of anything is rough in the respiratory system), but push yourself to go beyond JUST using weed or other substances to relax, relate, entertain yourself.

    • Well, relaxation opens my mind.

      I don't wanna be addictive to it, maybe something I wanna try once a month, for pleasure. Not planning on becoming dependant.

    • Being truly addictive isn't much of a worry with MJ. The worry is more that a lot of people avoid themselves and their inner and outer lives using it. So, while enjoying some green from time to time, I'd also suggest exploring other mind opening stuff like meditation, journaling, etc. :)

    • I meditate sometimes, it is amazing. It's been 2 months since I don't smoke weed, so I really don't feel the need to smoke it, but I would like to do it soon tho.

      I have lot of things to do to let mj consume my life, so I don't worry about it.


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  • I think they are fine I would rather people smoke weed than tobacco... but I don't agree with putting drugs into your system, period. Have you ever listened to someone who is on it? they repeat themselves, they think highly of how they know so much about it, pretty annoying if you ask me. Personally if someone has anxiety attacks panic attacks and needs to use it for medication purposes then brilliant... but those who use it as a sad excuse for a good time, when they can clearly be learning and doing so much more just does not fly well with me.

    • Right, it's so much better when you use it for medicational purposes, but I don't see why it's bad to use it to "have a good time".
      Yes, I have heard them... I find it extremely interesting, they say whatever that comes to their minds without caring, I love that. Some of my friends brag about it, others don't. But I find it equally interesting.

      One of my friends quit mj because he got tired of it... Now he meditates everyday and he has an internal peace that I would love o achieve, I've never seen him angry.

  • As long as they don't do it so often that it interferes with their responsibilities, it's fine. I find it so fucking stupid that weed is illegal. In the US there are over 88,000 alcohol-related deaths. Globally, that number is over 2.5 MILLION.

    NOBODY has EVER died from smoking weed. In fact it was only made illegal in the first place because back when America was more openly racist, the central government created this stupid fucking rumor that smoking weed caused white women to prefer black men, and therefore they made it illegal. That and the fact that they would not be able to tax it since marijuana can grow almost anywhere.

    • I need to rephrase myself a bit: Nobody has ever died from overdosing on weed. In fact it's impossible to overdose on weed. But it's very fucking easy to drink yourself to death.

    • That's true! Alcohol is more dangerous, actually, I wouldn't consider mj dangerous.

      I think the same, it should be legal.

      I didn't know about that... It's disgusting to know that they made it illegal for that reason (if that's true)

  • weed is a lot better than alchohol im not recommending you smoke it because your 16 and I don't want you to get in trouble but im going to make the room cloudy!

  • U absolutely correct about internal peace..

    When u smoke weeds.. u feel more relaxed...

    If its not illegal.. try it, but no abuse

  • would would you care what people think? if you wanna smoke then smoke

    • I don't care lol I just wanna know their opinion... I also need xper points so I ask everything that comes to my mind.

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  • I think they could get by in life without it, they think they need it to relax properly but it's just not true at all... and they encourage others to smoke it too and the bad thing about it is not everybody can handle even weed... some people go completely psycotic on it and these are usually the people that can't handle their alcohol ether, it's wrong to influence others to try it but there are so many other ways to relax yourself on your own instead of using a drug to do it, i don't see it as a healthy way to develop your personality and mental or emotional health, you need to learn how to open up and relax without the aid of drugs or alcohol, your just not really being yourself under the infuence of it.

  • They're always generally nice people... At least the ones I know. There's nothing wrong with it in my opinion. if my boyfriend didn't smoke it, he'd have a mental break down every week...

    • That's great! The ones I know are nice people too!

      Well... no need to stop smoking tbh lol

  • Yes, marijuana does "come from nature," but there's also a bunch of nasty crap added to it a lot of the time. To answer the original question, if others want to smoke it, I don't care, but I've learned it's not something I'm interested in personally.

  • I smoke weed a few times each month. I'm a corporate executive, so I use weed as a stress reliever. It feels soo good.