What Dreams are your Insecurities holding you back from?

What would you do if all your insecurities went away?


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  • I know I always boost myself up on this site but I do have insecurities just like everyone else. I'm far too vain so I place a lot of weight on how people view me physically. I always feel like I may not be thin enough or muscular enough and those ideals tend to shift and change so it's a perfection that I cannot reach. Nobody can reach it really. This has stopped me from taking a lot of chances with women and business a few times. It has stopped me from traveling as much as I'd like because I always tell myself I'll do it when I look "just a bit better". I'm a neurotic perfectionist so I constantly strive for what no human can possibly attain.

    If I somehow lost this I would take more chances with women and travel a hell of a lot more. I would be less shy and I'd probably go out more to meet more people.


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  • I don't know maybe one day we will know 😛maybe I would ask a girl our maybe I would he little more happier maybe I would be the same but with better self esteem I don't know 😛

  • Bedding a Playboy model and traveling the world, though money's a big part of that second one too!


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  • I would say whatever was on my mind instead of being afraid of others