What type of girls would guys who are kinda popular be proud to sleep with?

i like this guy thats kinda popular. he dated a cheerleader last year. what kind of girls would they be proud of sleeping with? not just what type of girls would they hook up with, but what type of girls would they be PROUD and happy about hooking up with? we are 17.
be honest ok?

  • super hot girls
    25% (2)33% (2)29% (4)Vote
  • girls with really good bodies
    0% (0)17% (1)7% (1)Vote
  • girls that are gorgeous
    25% (2)17% (1)21% (3)Vote
  • girls with very good personalities
    12% (1)17% (1)14% (2)Vote
  • the girls that every other guy wants
    38% (3)16% (1)29% (4)Vote
  • none of the above
    0% (0)0% (0)0% (0)Vote
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  • Anyone, honestly. He dated a cheerleader because apparently that's what he likes

    Why does popularity matter though. He's still a guy, no matter how popular. Seems silly and superficial

  • I'd say A, B, c, E.. I don't think many popular guys care about personality, especially at this point in their lives,

    are you planning on sleeping with him?

    • not unless were dating

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