How can I improve my participation in class discussion on topics I don't thoroughly understand?

I'm fairly bright, otherwise I wouldn't have been accepted into my master's program. However, I've always struggled with discussion components of classes, especially when I'm not fully versed in the content. Whenever I'm in a discussion, I'm so unclear that I don't know what questions I need to ask or what comments to make on others' questions and answers. By the time I come up with something to say and the material has sunk in, the topic has moved so fast in another direction that the time for my comments have passed.

How can I work on this issue? I don't want to lose a ton of points in this or future courses for something I can improve on.


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  • The key to being good at discussion is to be well prepared and have some depth of knowledge in the material being discussed. Study study study.


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  • Can't you maybe ask your professor after class?

    • I've asked him for advice on other aspects of the course and assignments. He's bad at giving advice and terrible at explaining exactly what he wants. None of his instructions or expectations are ever clear, no matter how many times I or my classmates have asked him.


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  • Do your homework. Study


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