So, I just watched Inside Out and it made me depressed af?

The idea of the movie is awesome and I was looking forward to watching it since I first saw the trailer. The beginning and ending of the movie were great but the movie in general was too sad and depressing. Whenever they gave us a little bit of hope, BAM!, they crush it.
I dunno... I'm just saying that I would NEVER watch it again.
What did u peeps think of the movie? :D

So, I just watched Inside Out and it made me depressed af?

Oh, and I was so down while watching it that I couldn't wait for the happy ending to come..
Plus, there were several unnecessary sad parts/details that could have not been there.


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  • Actually, I thought it gave us quite a bit of hope, but it was very subtle and not on screen for very long.

    When they looked inside at the emotions of the mother, her sadness had a more prominent role than her daughter's counterpart, yet her sadness didn't look so gloomy. The mother's sadness looked more wise. The mother's sadness looked perceptive. Her sadness looked more thoughtful and less sad.

    This I think is generally what happens to our sadness as we age.

    By the way, my female students' favorite emotion by far was disgust. They all loved disgust. But my students are at an age where they are disgusted and sarcastic about almost everything.

    Oh, I thought the mother looked like an adult version of Margo from Despicable Me. It would be cool if she WAS Margo from despicable me, but grown up. However, they're two different universes.


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  • I saw it in the movie theatre and when Bing Bong died some kids started crying and I have to be honest my eyes got teary. But yes it was depressing af because it made me realise ill never get to relieve the happy moments I had with my parents and I dont even live with them anymore :/ last time I saw them in person was last Christmas and this Christmas I might be alone and from now on it will always be like that because I am old. Time only moves forward sadly.

    • I'm so sorry to hear that..
      I cried as well when bing bong faded..
      I actually cried 3 times during the movie.

  • I find it sad, like the animations with the girl
    But some things reminded me of myself, so that's why I took it closer to heart.

    But I really enjoyed it and would definetely watch it again! The dinner fight is my favorite scene, the closing quotes:

    Dad: The foot is DOWN! (Wooo!) That could have been a disaster. :)
    Mom: Well that was a disaster... T-T

  • Never watched it lmao :P lol I like the purple guy though he looks funny :P


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  • Haven't seen it but my 6 year old sister loved it...

  • We need some sad movies. Most movies end with happy endings.