Why do I always vomit after I exercise?

Around the 50th push-up, my stomach curdles, and my mind becomes hot like embers. But, I do not stop, squats come next, then the sit-ups, then the continous running. By that time, sweat is rolling down from my chin, and dripping into the pool below my feet. I continue that cycle again and again, push-up, after push-up, sit-up after sit-up, squat after squat. But, why do I vomit, afterwards. This, happened at school as well--at the gym. Though, no one knows, I was changing--and right then, I scrambled to the trash can, everything is blurry. . . So, is there something wrong with my body, my heart? I'm just trying to become faster, and stronger, so why does this happen?


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  • Aww poor you that sounds horrible! I agree you should see a doctor. But also when you start to feel ill, stop and rest. Sip some water, breathe, wait until your pulse returns to normal. It's not normal to vomit after exercise, you're putting too much stress on your body

    • Perhaps, but it's not like I'm coughing out blood or something. That would be better for me I guess.

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    • Still, it does not sound healthy

    • Okay, if you say so.

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  • Something is definitely wrong. See a doctor and maybe stop exercising so hard for a few days?

    • Maybe, but I need to maintain this body, this speed, this power. So if I stop then. . . you know what will happen.

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    • Why do you think that?

    • If you ask me this, then it becomes personal. I have not told this to anyone, but a girl that I know, so I don't know if I can tel you this. I have been wanting to die, that is all I can say.

  • You push yourself too hard


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