My first kiss will be a hook up (rd details)?

I lied about having my first kiss already and this really cute guy wants to hook up and I said yes but he thinks I'm like a good kisser cause I've dated a lot of guys but I've never kissed any of them. So he'll be my first can this turn out good? What do I do?


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  • Practice on your forearm also you might watch a bit of hollywood style kissing. It's not perfect but it's a start. You'll find that once you start kissing it comes quite naturally so just follow you instinctsand don't try too hard.


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  • How do you date a lot of guys without kissing them? Im curious.

    • we just went out to dates and and kisses on the cheek and hand holding. None of my relationships are ever longer than a week. That's why I date a lot. I'm over ot so I just want to do a hook up. Just making out and teasing each other


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