Good idea for prank phone calls?

So I was seeing an asshole scumbag who lies and cheats. ... ideas for ways to prank his phone? Or other ways to get him back without having to actually see him or go to his place (nothing illegal either )?
I'm not a vengeful person but this guy deserves something!!


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  • I am a fan of the whole using a pay phone (hard to find) to leave a threatening message. You can’t do it yourself because he will obviously know your voice.

    • Pay phones are so hard to find anymore! But there are apps to disguise your number or dial *67

    • Well there you go. Last time I did it I used the pay phone in front of the guys school so if he looked it up he would know that I really did know how to find him… My sister had a stalker a few years ago.

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  • Prank phone calls are petty. Let it go and try to move on. Unless you happen to be drunk. My friend stole my phone after a breakup when we were drinking and kept texting the guy that broke up with me asking him if he lived in a van down by the river. Still makes me giggle, but stupid.


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